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The Lighted Gifts rosary and cross, both in window mount and tabletop display versions are thoughtful gifts for any seasonal occasion or special life events such as memorials, weddings, housewarmings, holidays, and hospital stays

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  • Mix or match styles per carton.
  • All lights are for interior use only.
  • A copy of tax exemption certificate is required (if applicable)

Becoming a dealer for our products.

Your investment is $32.50 per light plus shipping, and our suggested retail pricing is $48.99 – $58.99. The only dealer requirement is that you order in quantities of five (5) or more lights and accessories.


Our shipping methods are either UPS or USPS, and our payment options are credit card, check, and PayPal, or we can set up an account with terms

Items Included for $32.50

1 – LED Rosary Light OR 1 – LED Cross Light

  • The rosary light consists of 53 blue, 10 yellow and 6 red LED bulbs.
  • The cross light consists of 36 yellow LED bulbs.

Each Light Has A:

  • Three-position selector switch. On/off, bright, brighter.
  • Power supply that plugs into standard wall outlets.
  • Black chain with hooks.

Additional Items

Note: These items below are optional, but must be ordered in quantities of 5 at a time

2 – Mounting Options (Additional Fee)

Window/Wall or Tabletop

Window/Wall Mount option comes with:

  • 1 – Heavy duty suction cup $1/each

Tabletop Stand Option

  • 1 – Solid wood (black finish) $5/each.